Now or Never

Carla Raadsveld (12)
Feeding the Birds by Carla Raadsveld

I recently heard Now or Never by Lisa Ekdahl from the CD “Heaven, Earth and Beyond, with Carla Raadsveld’s accompanying paintings. Great music, fun art. I’m asking Santa for the CD and you can see more of Carla’s work on her Facebook page.

Carla Raadsveld (23)
The Park by Carla Raadsveld

I don’t know why, but paintings with round faces and full figures entice me ever since I discovered the artist Antonio Bueno (1918-1984) through a friend in Pittsburgh who showed me two of his prints that she purchased in Italy. She vaguely remembered where she bought them in Florence and when my husband and I traveled there for the first time, I hunted down the store just as the shopkeeper was closing his gate. Thankfully, he took pity on the bright-eyed American who, using a combination of Spanish and English, conveyed that she was there to buy some Bueno prints. I walked away with two prints that I carefully rolled up in a tube and hand carried through customs. Twenty seven years later, I still marvel each time I look at them. You can see a posting about Bueno on Art Odyssey’s site including a letter from his son, Tommaso. These are not the two prints I own, but you can see why I was so intrigued by his work.

Painting by Antonio Bueno
Painting by Antonio Bueno
Painting by Antonio Bueno

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  1. Thanks for sharing the round faced paintings. These make me think of the Columbian artist: Fernando Botero.


    1. I love the Botero sculptures, too.


  2. Bob Martin says:

    I’m a fan, too. I also like the work of Barbara Lavallee – her women are wonderful and so full of energy and spirit.


    1. I agree, thanks for pointing her out to me.


  3. Ludgera Mueller says:

    Beautiful paintings by Bueno. You got good taste Kathie!


    1. Thanks, Ludgera. Have a wonderful holiday with your family and send my greetings to your sister, please.


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