I wanted to share this posting of horses in Norway from Living and Loving in the North, one of the blogs I follow. My heart went pitter patter when I opened up this posting on what is a very dreary, drippy day in the Pacific Northwest. I love horses and this just went to the core of my heart.

The World according to Dina

© Photos of young stallions at Feøya: Trond Thorvaldsen, Fredrikstad, Norway

We’re in Dublin, a great opportunity for me to present a Norwegian novelist who won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2007:

“Out stealing horses” by  Per Petterson

Per Petterson is a trained librarian. He has worked as a bookstore clerk, translator and literary critic before becoming a full-time writer. His breakthrough novel was “Ut og stjæle hester” (2003), which was awarded two top literary prizes in Norway – the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature and the Booksellers’ Best Book of the Year Award. The 2005 English language translation “Out Stealing Horses” was awarded the 2006 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the 2007 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (the world’s largest monetary literary prize for a single work of fiction published in English (€ 100,000). “Out Stealing Horses” was named one of the 10 best books of the year in the December…

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  1. Amy Persons says:



    1. I know, aren’t they just gorgeous! Love the flying manes.


      1. Dina says:

        Yes, me too! Thank you very much for reblogging this post, dear Kathie, yo made my day. 🙂
        Fond greetings from Dublin


  2. It was my pleasure, Dina, you can’t know how much I needed to see something like this yesterday.


  3. Mary says:

    Just beautiful, made my day!


  4. Bob Martin says:

    Thanks! Great images that really display the power and beauty of our equine brothers and sisters.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Bob!


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