Where Dreams are Cut from Paper

Be prepared to be awed. Beatrice Coron plays with paper, in a big way.

At the age of 40, after different jobs in various locations throughout the world, she decided to become serious about becoming an artist and settled in New York City to pursue her passion. Choosing paper as her medium, she is a cutter constructing artist “books,” silhouettes, and elaborate imaginary worlds. After 8 years of applying for public work competitions, she finally won her first commission and has been prolific with projects as her extensive resume shows. Her art includes pieces of public art in paper, but also steel, stained glass, and etchings for subway cars and stations, public housing and public buildings all over the world. It’s pretty incredible. Here is her TED talk about her work. It’s a virtual resume and worth the time to view. ADORE the cape!

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  1. Reblogged this on notes to the milkman and commented:
    Amazing book artist! Check her out!


    1. Thanks for reblogging this post. Hope your readers enjoy the video.


  2. mamacormier says:

    Thank you for sharing the video. I watched the whole thing. What an amazing woman!


    1. I know, right? What a body of work she has created and the clothes are amazing, aren’t they?


  3. holiday geiger says:

    *Loved this stuff!* * Just got back from Rapa Nui and the Atacama Desert in Chile. Fascinating! Hope to get some pix on line to folks soon.* *Thanks for keeping me in the loop.* *Holiday*


    1. Can’t wait to hear about and “see” your trip. Are you really going to post pictures this time??? Say hii to Wally for me.


  4. Jadie Hill says:

    I just loved the video of Beatrice and her fantástic work. She is a remarkable women. I would like to follow her further. Thank you for introducing me to such an amazing person! Judie


    1. You are welcome. I agree, she’s amazing and I loved watching the video of her work, too.


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