Innocentia, Week 13 Diary of Faces

This week while Sharon Tomlinson was in Italy attending an art retreat, her students plodded on painting Innocentia (1890) by the German Impressionist painter, Lovis Corinth (1858-1925), whose birth name was Franz Heinrich Louis Corinth. His artistic education began in Germany, continued briefly in Paris, and then he returned to Munich where he became a founding member of the “Sezession.” When the group crumbled, he opened a painting school for women in Berlin, later becoming a member and president of Berlin’s “Sezession.” In 1911 he suffered from a stroke and ultimately died from pneumonia during a trip to Holland in 1925. Today Corinth is regarded as one of the “Classics of Modern Art” and his works are exhibited in the most important museums and galleries of the German-speaking world.

I rather enjoyed painting this version of his Innocentia and am enjoying my progress and comfort in painting skin color. I may even attempt to paint the entire painting.

Week 13 Diary of Faces

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  1. You keep on getting better and better đŸ™‚ Love your hair!


    1. Thanks, Sue, from one blonde to another, LOLOLOL.


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