I want to be a Gleaner


Going into the “Beast of the Belly” as a gleaner sounds like a new occupation just suited for me. I think becoming an ambassador as an artist to help people rethink their sending waste to the city’s dumps is a pretty awesome occupation. Where do I sign up?


Here is my latest creation using recycled materials. The frame is from a vintage mirror, parts of an organ, a saw blade and….fooseball players entitled, Foose Follies.

Foose Follies
Foose Follies by Kathie Vezzani



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  1. Bob Martin says:

    “Recology”! What a terrific idea! Your creation (above) is just fabulous, Kathie. Great video, too – thank you.


    1. Don’t you think I would make a great gleaner, Bob?


  2. amy persons says:

    Makes me think of the opening number in a Broadway show. Wonder what the play is about?


    1. Hmm, I wonder, Amy. Could be interesting and fun, don’t you think?


  3. Greg Hanson wrote: Wow…nice piece! The plastic foosball players fit nicely into this box…and I like those keys (organ keys?) in the background…all very theatrical with the curtains, etc. !! Keep ’em coming !!


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