A Profile of a Young Woman

When Sharon Tomlinson chose Italian painter, Giovanni Boldini, for this week’s assignment in a Diary of Faces, I couldn’t wait to get started. As you know from earlier postings, I love all things Italian.

Giovanni Boldini, 1842-1931, was known as the King of Swish because of his flowing style. A friend of Edgar Degas, he lived in Paris where he was the most fashionable portrait painter. On an interesting note, in late 2010 a portrait of his former muse, French actress, Marthe de Florian, was discovered in a Paris flat that had been unvisited for 70 years. It is thought that she left during the war and never returned. After a note was authenticated that it was written by Boldini, the picture sold at auction for 2.1 million euros.

Here is my version of his Profile of a Young Woman with the original below.
Giovanni Boldini by Kathie Vezzani

You can see more of his images here.

Your comments are appreciated.

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