Earning my own Olympic Gold Medal….sort of

Like an Olympic athlete, I practice, learned, and refined my ability.  This post marks my 100th posting since I started this blog last May. I wanted to make this a personal milestone for me so I have made changes to my site becoming a .com (love to say that), changing the site design, and adding my own “store” to sell my art. Lots of changes, a lot of research and trial and error, but I worked the kinks out and here it is in all its glory. It’s a proud moment, I admit.

Also in the works is my first show at Studio Six in Gig Harbor. I hung the work yesterday and then left quickly before I could hear comments. It’s a scary thing showing your work out there for the first time all alone. I am especially grateful to Kathy Gates who was my first patron, and a huge supporter of my work as an artist. Another first because of Kathy and her generosity. She also fell in love and purchased my Dancing with Myself painting. It, too, is now hanging in her studio.

I’d love to hear your comments on the new look and additions.

There are two new pictures to share from Sharon Tomlinson’s Diary of Faces class. Both were by the Norwegian impressionist painter Harriet Backer, 1845-1932. Born in Holmestraud, Oslo, Backer worked in Munich, Paris and Norway. The child was taken from her Red Cap painting.

Child by Kathie Vezzani

Harriet Backer by Kathie Vezzani

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  1. Bob Martin says:

    Congrats on 100, Kathie! I appreciate your insights and updates. And your work is fantastic! Keep it up!!


    1. Thanks, Bob, I appreciate your support.


  2. Respect to you Kathie; on to a 1000? 😉


    1. I guess so, Kim, a lot more medals to earn………thanks for leaving a comment. 1,000 is one of your favorite numbers, is it not?


  3. KT and Bob Tyler says:

    Bravo Kathie! How did the showing go? —


    1. Just hung it last week, so we’ll see. Thanks for commenting Ms. KT! Have wonderful birthday.


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