Diary of Faces, Week 2

This week’s lesson in Sharon Tomlinson’s Diary of Faces, is to investigate Romanian artist Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907). Most of his paintings of women wore scarves which is great practice for me. Of course, I painted two. The paint is already out, right, so  why not use it?

Romanian Girl for Diary of Faces

Here is Grigorescu’s Head of a Woman.
I used left over paint from the first painting to quickly paint my version of a Head of a Woman, limiting myself to two colors and then adding the lips still using paint that was on my existing palate.


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  1. karen floyd says:

    Kathie, I love what you’re creating I can ‘feel’ the energy in these. They look great.


    1. Thanks, Karen. I’m happy that you stop by and comment.


  2. Virginia says:

    Now his second lady has risen to my number one spot mainly, i think because of the skin color. I don’t know why that is what attracted me. Yours then moved to Number 2 and his top lady to Number 3. What you did with the two colors and adding just the lip touch of red is amazing. So are the pretty flowers you brought…amazing. Their colors are so vibrant…I want it to rub off on me. Love V


  3. You are a complicated woman, Virginia, LOL. Glad you enjoyed the flowers.


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