Picking in Ilwaco

Found these little treasures on a recent trip to Illwaco with my sister, Julie, who is, as it turns out, a damn good picker. On Memorial Day weekend, there is a huge garage sale–21 miles worth. I’m not kidding. I thought Julie was crazy when she told me that many people held garage sales, but apparently they have done this for a while now so I thought I had better check it out. Of course, there was the usual garage sale items, and we got pretty good at just driving up and then deciding to stop or continue on. My sister was determined to find the right sale once I told her the rustier the better. Once we found a guy with a pickup truck filled with rusty metal ready to go to the junk yard, we knew we found our first score. He didn’t think I was crazy at all when I asked him if I could pull stuff from his truck. He actually got a wrench and started helping me. We rummaged as my son, Matthew, and my husband, Bob, and Julie’s fiance, Glenn, just stood there watching us. After that, I decided I had better come back next year with just my sister.

Here’s what we found that day and I look forward to incorporating the pieces into my artwork.

I don’t know what I am going to use these pieces for, but they were too intriguing to pass up.

These labels have never been used.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bob Martin says:

    Great haul, Kathie! I look forward to seeing it in your new work!


    1. Thanks, Bob. It’s always fun to find new treasures.


  2. karenfloyd says:

    You truly hit the Jackpot Kathie!


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