Assemblage for Dad

My sons are 22 and 20 and I’d like to know when do I get to stop making their gifts to give to their Dad on Father’s Day? I guess when they stop being students and start working full-time, right? Let’s hope. Not that I mind anyway because in my neighborhood the air guns have started popping early in the morning which means two things, houses are being built again and scrap piles await. I made these two assemblage pieces on scraps of wood with some tin, old photos, a broach and wooden rulers.

I’m thinking my husband may not want them as a pair, but I did make them with that in mind. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there, and especially to you, Bob.

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  1. Elaine Gonzalez says:

    Fantastic. I really love them. Kathie, you’ve found you calling!


    1. Hey you, back at the computer? Glad to see that. I am going to call you on Monday.


  2. Andrea Matus says:

    These look fantastic Kathie, and I’m loving all of the different things you are incorporating into your work these days. Just wonderful!


    1. Thanks, Andrea. I’m thinking I may have to sign up for your husband’s class in August.


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