Three Sisters

I’d like you to meet Julia, Celia and Beryl, three sisters who showed up this weekend as I was playing around with various supplies in preparation for Jane Davenport’s Joynal online class.


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  1. Wow Kathie – these faces look wonderful – I love your artwork – see you in class!


    1. Thanks, Jane. See you in class. I’m still waiting for my book to arrive!


  2. Virginia Wishard says:

    I am sure that Julia is the older sister? Right? And Beryl has a temper? You have put personalities into these pix. I love it. Virginia


    1. Yes, I think so and I agree about Beryl. She’s feisty. See you this afternoon.


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    You are having so much fun with every new class you take. Keep going one day you will be teaching the classes!!


  4. Very Fun Kathy. You are amazing! and thanks for the listening time in the sun. I O.U.


  5. Tammie says:

    these three are such wonderful pieces~
    i love how you did them on book pages, they remind me a tiny bit of Lynne Hoppe’s art.


    1. I had just finished reading Lynne’s tutorial on how to paint her faces, so these are my attempts. Love her work and now I really love working with the oil pastels. Thanks for commenting, Tammie.


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