Work in Plaster

Just finished my first painting in plaster and I am so excited about this method. While at Artfest, I purchased Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise’s Plaster Studio E-Book. What a wonderful gift I gave myself! It’s fabulous and so wonderful to hear them share their extensive knowledge. I did get to meet them as they and Katie Kendrick sat quietly at a table on the side in my Misty Mawn Portrait Class. I had three of my plastic stencil “trades” left and gave each of them one. Misty, too, of course.

I’ve got four more plaster boards drying in the garage and can’t wait to start the next lesson. Thank you Stephanie and Judy for opening open a whole new world to play in.

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  1. Beautiful painting! You did a wonderful job!


    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed painting this one.


  2. Kell Belle says:

    This is really beautiful, Kathie! You are really blossoming as a portrait artist. I missed Artfest this year due to work stuff. I was sorry to hear this event would be discontinued. I would have thought someone else would have taken over organizing it. Oh well. Have a great day!



    1. Hi Kellie, yes, I thought we didn’t see you there this year. Thank you for commenting and I appreciate your kind words. Enjoy the sun (remember that thing?) today.


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    Kathie I really liked that you added some fullness to the face in your new portrait. Great Job!


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