My new assemblage box inspired by the work of Portland assemblage artist, Greg Hanson. Greg and five other artists were recently awarded grants to glean materials from Portland’s Metro Central Station (aka “the dump”) for six months. Each artist will produce 10 pieces from the materials that they find and will show collectively at Portland’s Disjecta in September 2012. Note to Mary, let’s put it on the calendar.

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  1. Greg says:

    Woo hoo !! Beautiful assemblage! Very nice use of those images with a great frame! I really like the way you’ve used those keys ! I hope you’ll be creating more boxes…once you get going, it becomes somewhat addictive.


    1. Thanks, Greg, and yes, I have been stashing away little treasures for awhile now in anticipation of making more of these. Thank you for sharing your love of assemblage.


  2. Elaine Gonzalez says:

    You continue to surprise me with your creative ability. I get the feeling that you have a lifetime of artistic ideas that you’ve had stashed away until now. Be proud!


    1. You touched me that you took time to look at this, my friend. Love you and I hold you in my heart.


  3. I’ll be looking out for boxes for you and I’m sure there is some “stuff” in the closet that you can use. These are very interesting.


  4. Julie Johnson says:

    The box turned out GREAT! Fun stuff! YOU GO GIRL!!!


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