Farewell to Artfest

This year’s Artfest was my last, since the organizers, Teesha and Tracy Moore, have decided that they are moving on to something bigger and better. As this is one of the largest art gatherings across the country, if not the biggest, we are all waiting to see how they will top this.

Tracy and Teesha Moore at the opening ceremony.

My first Artfest was last year and since then I have stayed in touch with a few people including Cheryl McCloud, Sunny Carvalho, Mindy Lacefield and Andrea Matus (deMeng).  Cheryl and Sunny are from out of state so they flew to Portland to visit before traveling to Port Townsend for Artfest. My friend, Mary Kinney, and I drove down from Gig Harbor and met them in the Alberta District where we met a few other former Artfesters,  and Michelle Allen and Janne Robberstad (all the way from Norway).

After a brief stop at Scrap, we drove to Jesse Reno and Lana Guerra’s studio.

Jesse in his studio. I had to get a picture of his easel that he made to show my husband
--a future project?!
Lana Guerra
Jesse describing his new treasure and where it might fit--it's going to be BIG.

We then traveled across the bridge to Vancouver, WA to visit Michelle in her beautiful new home and studio which I think is destined to be in Where Women Create.

Pictured from left to right, Sunny Carvalho, Michelle Allen, Janne Robberstad,
Mary Kinney and Cheryl McCloud (sitting)

I learned so much from Andrea Matus last year that I signed up again for her Collage the Translucent class and here are the treasures that I made.  I really love Andrea’s approach to her art and learn a lot from her. I am quite pleased with how these turned out and since there are three layers, it is very difficult to photograph.

My second class was with Mindy Lacefield’s Expressive Color class and here is what I made in that class

I finished with Misty Mawn in her portraits class.

Some of this year’s activities included Lana performing a belly dance for us, ending with her throwing her scarf over Sunny’s shoulders and Michael DeMeng and Jesse opening Purgatorio, Pardisio at Artisans, a local gallery in Port Townsend.

Capturing Jesse before he made his "picture face" with Sunny Carvalho (left)
and Cheryl McCloud (right)
The talented Sunny Carvalho in her one-of-a-kind sweater with Cheryl McCloud
My treasures made by Sunny.

I ended this monumental event by getting a speeding ticket on the way out of town just outside of Fort Worden where the local police were obviously revenue generating that night.

Ciao, Artfest!

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  1. spindelmaker says:

    It was such a pleasure meeting you, Kathie! And I just have to tell you, I totally am in love with your translucent art. It´s fab!


    1. I love the process and have made another one since returning home, with two more planned for this weekend.


  2. spaark says:

    I knew you would have a great time there. i am keeping dates open for next year…wherever and whatever it may be:) Julie


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