Gorgeous Bookstores to Visit

Funny how things in your life just kind of come together and make sense. For years I worked with architects and engineers, always in marketing and business development, but the part of my job that I loved the most was working with the design whether it was buildings, photography, or graphic design. And now I am putting it together for myself, learning how to draw and paint. This article caught my eye because of the stunning architecture and because it is a bookstore (love a good one). What a great use of a church and one I would gladly visit weekly.

Check out Flavorwire’s The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.

The Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland, is a converted Dominican church.

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  1. amy Persons says:

    An independent bookstore is a dying breed – precious stuff you have posted here


    1. I know, we should go on a road trip…….have a great weekend.


  2. Wendy Malich says:

    Oh my gosh, I could just stare at the ceiling. It is beautiful!


  3. WOW! what a great reuse. Wouldn’t you just love to go and camp out there. I’m afraid I might be distracted from reading with my head turned up to stare at the beautiful ceiling. Thanks for posting this.


    1. I’d be right there with you, Sharon. We’d have to bring our sketchbooks, too.


  4. Steven wellman says:

    Wow! Just breath takingly gorgeous! What a place to buy books. Your work is just great to kathy! Luckys.wellman


    1. Thanks, Lucky. Glad you stopped by.


  5. You know that libraries are a must for me. Thank you for sharing these.


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