Let’s Dance

On my easel.

“She waited patiently for him to ask her to dance so that she could watch the way her new dress swished and swayed as she twirled around the dance floor.

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  1. Bob Martin says:

    That’s quite beautiful, Kathie! Very interesting to look at!



  2. Thanks, Bob. How was Hawaii?


  3. jilly Zaheer says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog post for Seth’s 31/31 tour. Much appreciated. I’m enjoying your artwork on our blog and so glad I’ve been able to meet you this way. This is part of the wonderful gift of Seth’s book tour! I will definitely be back to look at your work!


    1. Thanks, it was great “meeting” you, too, and seeing your work.


    1. Thanks, glad you liked her enough to reply. I’ll be sending you my envelope for those bookplates. What a great idea!


  4. amy Persons says:

    The background is fabulous! I love the way the shades progress, and the green against the purple frock.


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