Mendoza Master Weavers

In the Zapotec village of Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, the Mendoza family is not only one of the master weavers in this small village, but also owners of Restaurante Tlamanali which serves  traditional Zapotec dishes. The Zapotecs, along with the Mixtecs, are the oldest and largest groups of indgenous people in Oaxaca and both are also two of the first civilizations in all of Mexico.

Abigail MendozaClara, the matriach of the Mendoza family, cards and spins the wool needed for the family’s weaving.Abigail crushes cochineal on the metate to make the red color used for dying the wool. Cochineal is a bug that lives on cacti that when crushed makes a red coloring.Here Abigail boils the wool in water with the crushed cochineal and it is set with lime juice. Some of the wool dyed with natural ingredients. Julie Anderies stands with Abigail’s niece who wove the rug that Julie purchased.

Photo credits: Julie Anderies

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  1. amy Persons says:

    What soul! These are impressive and rare images. Loved viewing these.


    1. We missed you on the trip!


  2. I’ve been enjoying all the art here on your blog – yours and the rest. Nice rug the ladies have woven and that’s a neat painted car! I love the mix of art styles you’ve shared from Oaxaca and I think I need to get beck to my lessons from Jane. You’ve done a great job with them.


    1. Thanks, Timaree, I’m glad that you are enjoying the posts. See you in Jane’s classrooms.


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