Open Studio Self-Portrait

With our snowy weather making most of us home-bound, I have had time to work in my studio. Here is another assignment for my Open Studio class with Misty Mawn. I combined assignments this time, self-portrait and painting in a journal. We wrote numbers down on our substrate, including our age and the age we would like to live to, then we added symbols and a portrait. In this case, I did a self-portrait in a painterly style.

Then I thought I would like to see what it would like with my hair all gray.

Coloring your hair is a wonderful luxury!

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  1. Sunny says:

    I love the gray hair!! You will look fabulous…many, many years from now when that happens! I hope you guys are staying warm and that you are being inspired to stay creative! Love you, girlfriend! xoxo


  2. Me says:

    Come see my blog… ? We have many many of the same inspirations on our artistic lives! The layers in this piece are getting goooooood!

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    1. Thanks, I did stop by your blog. We have many friends/teaches in common.

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