On My Easel

I’m going large. This piece is 24″x 48″ and it was inspired by so many people that I felt the need to stop and show my appreciation for the journey I have taken this past year. Suzi Blu for starting me on the path of taking on-line courses, to Carla Sonheim for my first art class I took in Seattle. To Tracy and Teesha Moore for organizing Artfest where I met Sunny Carvalho, Mindy Lacefield, Lisa Bebi, Andrea Matus and so many others last year. To Claudine Hellmuth, Pam Carriker, Sharon Tomlinson, Gritty Jane, and Katie Kendrick whose classes I also took on line. And to the effervescent Jane Davenport and to the ultimate gift giver Flora Bowley who really gave me the courage and skills to draw this big.  To all of you I want to say thank you.

When I told my husband, Bob, that I wanted him to make my canvas this big, his eyes kind of flickered and said, “really?”  Yes, I want to paint big, it’s freeing and I feel most comfortable with large canvases. You were right, Flora, when you said that we would want to go bigger than the 30″x30″ canvases we painted in your class.

This was sitting in my studio waiting for me to get started and then I began Misty Mawn’s Open Studio class. In the first week we learned how to draw faces and bodies with charcoal, pastels, and paint. Wait, that’s not all, sculpting and journaling assignments rounded out the first week. Thankfully I have taken a few classes (yes, you can laugh here), so I am not as overwhelmed had I taken this class last year in the beginning of my journey. I think I am going to have to take a few months to absorb all of this and just play. Well, until April anyway when I go back to the final Artfest to take classes with Andrea, Mindy and Misty!

And here is a unabashed endorsement of my husband’s new hobby–making artists panels. He’s so funny now when we go into a gallery. He inspects the panels for the quality of the workmanship,and it makes me happy. Happy that he’ll go with me and happy that he supports my passion. You can see his website here. I highly recommend his product.

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  1. Sunny says:

    That is gorgeous, Kathie!!! I can see the changes and growth in your art just since last year! Wow…leaps and bounds onto the large canvases! Keep up the beautiful work and I can’t WAIT to see you at Artfest!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your art journey. xoxo


    1. Not such a small part, missy. Can’t wait to see you, too. xxo


  2. carlasonheim says:

    What a lovely painting, Kathie! My goodness… fantastic. Thank you for the thank you… and I’ll be heading to Bob’s website right now!!


    1. And you wouldn’t have to pay shipping! LOL.


      1. Carla, Bob is so thrilled that you ordered from him. Thanks for doing that, I know that you will be pleased.


  3. pamcarriker says:

    Lovely work Kathie, thank you so much for the mention, and it such fabulous company. How wonderful that your hubby is making your panels! That is very cool.


    1. Thanks, Pam, for stopping by. I’ll see you in class.


  4. amy Persons says:

    great colors, I like the way the color of her eyes plays with the rest of the work. as always, interesting textures. I see something new each time I look at it.


  5. camille says:

    Wow, I love your painting. Beautiful. Wow.
    Good thoughts your way. Hugs.


  6. camille says:

    Hi Kathie,
    I wanted to give you a personal update.
    What is your email? You can send it to mine,


  7. Kathie, First off the huge painting is so fun, wonderful, whimsical and my favorite part other than her face is her collage hair. Divine! Second, I appreciate you as a student and thank you for the shout out! Third, you are one lucky girl to have your support team right there in the house with you and who can and will make you the huge canvases. They are hardly affordable at retail. My dad use to make them for me and the cool thing was if I ask for one, he made me 10.


  8. I know, Sharon, I really do appreciate him. One panel of birch gets me any size I want and anywhere from 10-17 canvases. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m a big fan.


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