Cindy Wunsch

I love this artist’s work. It’s so freeing and playful. StudioBE: Cindy Wunsch Original Artist’s Work.

The small print under a “A Whole Hearted You” says, “Here kindness is spread abroad and love is united and made firm as a center.”

This is a wonderful interview with her by Dr. Brene Brown.  It tells a lot about who Cindy Wunsch is and I like her–a lot.

This is her Artist’s statement as posted in the Nashville Arts Art Shop:

Artist Statement

I am a someone who
dreams about flowers,
who finds love angelic and who
wonders about everything.

I am a person who feels
that the most
romantic of life’s moments can be found
in the ordinary.

I am interested in creating works of art
as poetic as a classic song, and yet make
you want to dance

Beneath the glossy covering of these
images you might find wallpaper, wax,
paint chips, and scraps of just about
any kind, as well as unique experiences,
old memories big hopes and simple thoughts.

I hope they make you wonder.

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you joy and an artful 2012. Thank you for your support over this past year and I look forward to growing as an artist. I appreciate your comments and if you haven’t left any, please do. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue says:

    Wishing you a year filled with continued inspiration!


  2. I really like her style 🙂


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