Meeting Katie Kendrick

Imagine my surprise when working at the Grand Theater in Tacoma, I noticed this woman walk past the concession stand where I was volunteering and thought, hmm,  she looked familiar. She continued to the front door and as she looked back, I said tentatively, “Katie?”
She answered, “yes” and walked back to where I was standing behind the counter where I had to physically restrain myself from hurtling over it and giving her a big hug. As I introduced myself it was with a moment of clarity that I understood that she would have no idea who I was unless, of course, for some reason she remembered my name out of the hundreds who took her first e-course.

As we artists take these online courses, we feel as if we know the teacher because we fully engage them as we listen, laugh along with them and then diligently do our work and upload it to the class Flickr or Facebook site.

As it was, I still managed to hug Katie over the counter and told her that I was almost finished with my book that we learned how to make out of cardboard, something Katie is known for. As promised Katie, here it is. I absolutely loved this project and really enjoyed making the extra pages out of fabric.

Front Cover

Inside front cover

Front inside cover, first page

Home Is Where You Make It

Set Them Free


Friendship Doubles Our Joy And Divides Our Grief

Be, Just Be

Back Cover

Her course, The Layered Impressions Class, is now available as an Ebook and you can sign up for it on Katie’s website Joyously Becoming.

Katie’s book, Layered Impressions: A Poetic Approach to Mixed Media Painting will be released in January. Of course, I’ve already pre-ordered it!

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  1. this is so amazing! what a treat. i would love to attend one of her workshops sometime. i adore her style. thanks for sharing Kathie!! xo


  2. oh and the book is GORGEOUS! bravo dear girl…….love


    1. Thanks, Mindy. Happy holidays!


  3. this turned out so lovely!! i haven’t made mine yet…BuT I wiLL~ and how fun to meet the famous ms. kendrick in person!!!!


  4. Thanks, Carlanda, It was fun meeting Katie–like meeting a rock star! She is one in my book.


  5. Hi Kathie , Thought I would come by and visit fellow mixed media artist! I just received plastic placemat , etc. I ordered from your etsy! Thank-you & and I am gonna check out Katie Kendricks class. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks, Stephani, I’m glad you received your doilies. Have fun with them and do check out Katie’s class. It’s wonderful and you will learn a lot.


  6. katie says:

    Your book is beautiful Kathie; I love the artwork, the sentiments and the energy i feel when I look at the pages. I just want to reach into the screen and touch them, especially the fabric pages. It was such an unexpected pleasure to meet you at the Grand!


  7. Thanks, Katie and I hope our paths do cross again. Happy holidays.


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