Tidefest Booth

With the help of my good friend, Wendy Rushing and my sister, Julie Johnson, my car and booth were loaded and we were ready to roll in 10 minutes. I’m telling you, it’s fabulous to have an engineer for a husband. This booth set up and packing system was unbelievably easy to put together, and take down……I was out of my booth and the venue in 20 minutes, and home in another 10.

The picture in the upper left hand corner shows an empty box, then three loaded with my art. Lower pictures show how each frame nestles on top of the other and the box then secured and tied with straps. Easy peasy as my friend Amy would say. Not a bin in sight. My finished art that was spread all over my living and dining rooms fit into two of these boxed frames. I just had to carry my three 30″x30″ pictures and one small bin for smaller pieces. The boxes carrying the legs for my screens took up more room in my car then my art.

Of course the lighting in the gym does not make the best photograph, but here is the final booth display. Notice that the stacked boxes were used on the table to display my larger pieces. I want to thank all my friends who stopped by, I really appreciate your support. And if anyone is interested in the boxes, you can contact Bob here.

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  1. Amy Persons says:

    Stunning display! And that would take most people half a day to set up and break down. Behind every great woman…..


  2. cheryl mccloud says:

    That’s fabulous!! Set up and take down are the worst part of doing shows and you’ve got that beat.



    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Bob did a great job in designing the booth. I explain what I want and he builds it……great minds that work well together.


  3. karen floyd says:

    It looks great Kathie,

    Somehow I missed the announcement for the show.
    I’m really excited for you and how your art has
    progressed. Beautiful!



    1. Thanks, Karen. It was an experience. Met some great vendors.


  4. Ana Martinez says:

    love what you are doing… Felicidades!!!!


  5. Sunny says:

    The booth looks amazing and I really got some good display ideas from those screens! xoxo


    1. I used picture hooks to hang everything, if that helps any. You know that I will share anything with you………LOL.


  6. Sunny says:

    Oh….and I pinned it on Pinterest!!


    1. Cool, my first pin! Thanks, Sunny.


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