Each of us should have a Virginia in her life. A friend who supports us beyond measure of anything expected. I see Virginia after work each day to get in an extra workout trying to give her new hip a walk around the “hood.”  At 80, she is very determined to leave where she is recuperating to get back to her home and to her independence. She greets me each day with joy and a determined grit to do her exercising so that we can have our little nosh afterward. She is so very sweet and I appreciate having her in my life. This week her sons Bob and Matt have been stopping by in the afternoon and it’s been fun to catch up with them, too.

I painted this girl with Virginia on my mind. I hope she likes it. I painted Virginia with pastels and acrylic on 12×24″ cradled artist board.

And to my friends at Dr. Kadzik’s office–thanks for all of your encouraging words about my artwork. See you at Tidefest!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunny says:

    She’s gorgeous! Virginia is going to love her!

    I miss you! xoxo


  2. Eric says:

    You have a beautiful heart. Love the personal touch to this blog. 🙂


  3. Bob Martin says:

    Thank you so much, Kathie! Loved watching Mom’s face yesterday as she read this post.
    She has been working hard to get out of the nursing facility and your daily visits give her a chance to exercise (which she needs) and a chance to visit (which she also needs). She’s blessed to have you in her life.
    Thanks again,


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