Carry the Memories

Angels are not a recurring theme in my artwork, but forming a wing that you could see something hanging from underneath crept into my thoughts. I made a skeleton of wire, hung some “memory beads” from the middle of it then made a tissue wing and collaged bits of paper to it. After stapling the skeleton to the board, I loosely sewed the collaged wing to it. I really like the way you can see the bits and pieces hanging down. This is painted on a 24×24″ cradled artist board made by my husband, Bob.

As an aside, Teesha Moore announced that the 2012 Artfest in Port Townsend will be the last. She is “listening to her gut” and moving in a new direction. What that is, she doesn’t know so if you have ever wanted to attend Artfest, sign up now for the grand finale.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. amy persons says:

    Wonderful dimension. I like the background color and the pop of color from her dress.


  2. Sunny says:

    Love the 3-D wing and the great colors! You need to make a trip out here. Mentone would be great!!!



  3. Here’s Jane Davenport’s comment left in our classroom site. “The wings of course are amazing and 3d , but you have made the hair look so dimensional as well Kathie. Your artwork just gets more and more gasptacular!”


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