Final Homework for Jane

This is my final mixed media piece for Jane Davenport’s Supplies Me class. This was a fantastic online course and I highly recommend Jane as a teacher. She is hysterical, practical, supportive, and has a wonderful teaching personality. Plus she makes great videos in faraway places–Paris, Portugal, Byron Bay, Australia where she lives and even in Bali where she was tagging along with her husband Angus on his surfing vacay. You can see pictures of her trip here. She loved her time there so much she plans to have an art retreat in the same location next year. Throughout this 8-week course, we traveled the world through Jane’s wacky videos and learned a lot about how to use different supplies–she brought me way up on the learning curve. Yes, as my friend, Mindy, says, I have an art crush on Jane. Now if I can only persuade her to let us keep videos of the class. Love, love her music choices and playing the songs makes me very happy while painting.

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  1. Hi kathie, ditto to everything you’ve said…totally agree. had a great time doing this course…


    1. Guess, we’ll be signing up for the next course, right Catherine?


  2. This is a wonderful piece and I love the style that you painted it with. Beautiful.


    1. Thanks, Sharon. I really enjoyed painting this piece.


  3. amy Persons says:

    beautiful expression, love the red frock, and the texture – almost like looking at it under cracked glass.


  4. Here’s what Jane posted in our classroom. “I just read your blog page…. A few tears in the eyes Kathie, it’s such a pleasure for me to walk along with you on your art path.”


  5. Ali says:

    I absolutely agree with you Kathie! It has been the most amazing time just marinating in the company of many, many wonderful learning experiences and brilliant people. Sounds like we will meet again in the next class. I wouldn’t miss it for anything! By the way, this painting is just awesome!


  6. wow, wow! wow!!!! this is so so gorgeous. i am so loving that you took a class from the amazing jane davenport. i think she is my new art crush too. oh the magic you make when you paint. I’m so happy to call you a friend and i’m so thankful for the food, love, and company a few weeks ago. i love you! miss you!


  7. Linda says:

    Hi Kathie – yes it has been an amazing class hasn’t it! This is a really striking piece – love the red!


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