Layered Impressions with Katie Kendrick

Katie Kendrick’s Layered Impressions is going to be life changing for me, I can already tell. Her first assignment was to draw with my non-dominant hand in a telephone book, paste it on a substrate and then color it. I got goosebumps and exclaimed “oh my” a couple of times, as I pounded out these four in less than 1 hour. I lOVE this method. So excited for the next lesson. Katie, Katie, I think I have found my muse. The class was supposed to be closed but she is going to keep it open until Sunday if you are interested in signing up. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi…I found you at the Yahoo LI group. I’m taking this class too and I feel like it’s going to change the way I do faces. Your faces are wonderful. I also really like your “Wood Nymph” piece you did a few posts below. Cheers!


    1. HI Mary, I see that you took Carla's classes, too.  I did the Faces 101 but I think this class is going to be quite different. and I agree about that it will probably change the way we work. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I really like the expressions in the faces, and as always, your backgrounds.


  3. I’m taking Katie’s class too. i had already meet her in art and soul 2 years ago and really love her personality and good humour. I agree with you it’s a life changing experience. I love your painting xo


  4. Kathie Vezzani says:

    Thank you Alex. I’m looking forward to seeing your work, too.


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