Self-Portrait Challenge

This challenge has been harder than I expected. How many times can you paint yourself? So far I have had blonde, red, black, brown, a mixture and even map pieces for hair. Short, spikey, long, luxurious, hair of all types, as have been the color of my eyes.  Almost at the end, although I have enjoyed this as far as challenging me to use different methods to create the portraits.  Some you will see, do not even come close to looking like me but so what, as Suzi says, it’s “the intention…………”  Here’s a few.

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  1. Tammie says:

    how wonderful to see all your self portraits.
    so fun to see that we can start out with an idea and then the process has a spirit of it’s own and who knows what the outcome will be.


  2. Thank you Tammie. It’s been quite the ride so far. Only a few days left, we’ll see what I come up with next!


  3. Kell Belle says:

    Kathie, these are AWESOME!! I love the idea behind this challenge and I think you’ve done some beautiful work! I’ve been watching you evolve and your faces are getting lovelier and lovelier! Keep up the great work!!



    1. Thanks Kelli. Are you excited about Suzi’s new class? Jane Davenport is also going to do a class in September.


  4. I love the texture in your paintings. You are extremely talented and your self portrait challenge is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you Holy Ann for stopping by and for commenting.


  5. Bob says:

    I guess it’s true there are many looks to a lady………………….. Enjoy the day!


  6. Ludgera Mueller says:

    Just love the sketches of yourself, specially the first row! Guess what, my sister and I are signed up for 2012. I will bring my journal next year.


  7. Thanks, Ludgera. I am so glad that your sister is better and that you are both going to Artfest. Yeah!


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