Self-Portrait Day 7

After watching a Pam Carriker YouTube video using pan pastels, I decided that I would try it. Here is my Day 7 self-portrait for the 30-day challenge. Looking younger, don’t you think?  I’ll be a baby by the last day. LOL!

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  1. atateka says:

    I like the shading, very difficult to do. Looking forward to what’s next.


  2. Virginia says:

    Kathie, you are doing so well…each week you amaze me with your originality and creations. This one is definitely a winner. Your eyes and expressions that show in your upper cheeks are there. I don’t see how you can create an expression on paper without words..but you do it, Lady. I look forward each week to my Bellissima mail. Love V


    1. Ahh, Virginia. Thanks.


  3. Kate P. says:

    Love the portraits you have been working on – sounds like loads of fun (plus learning a few new things!). I’m hoping Jane’s Supplies Me is along those lines – see you there :O)
    Kate P.


    1. Thanks, Kate. It was interesting. See you over at Jane’s!


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