Wedding Collage

Wedding Present

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in Pittsburgh, PA. In our first apartment as newlyweds, we met our friend Suzanne who lived on the first floor. While Bob traveled the world for Alcoa, I finished my degree at Duquesne University in Journalism. My work study program was working in the television studio which was run by James. On a lark, because they are totally two different personalities, we hooked the two of them up for New Year’s Eve, and yes, they fell madly in love. Go figure. PJ is their only child and he is very special to me, although now he is a young man and is about to be married next month.

I couldn’t buy a blender or a Cuisinart for PJ’s gift, it had to be something very special. Making art is a risk, but I think with what I have used for the collage, it will be a welcomed gift. This piece was made from PJ and Britt’s save-the-date card, wedding announcement, and a ribbon from their very first Christmas card as a couple. Made on a cradled claybord.

May you have many blessed years together. Love ya.

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  1. atateka says:

    There could be no better gift. This is truly from and of the heart.


  2. Thank you Amy. Enjoy your day in SMA.


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