Britty Boo

Eighteen years ago, this young girl, Brittany,  with the most fantastic, thick hair walked into my son’s pre-school class. Since then, her mother and I have become great friends, and her sister, Katie, brother, Jason, and father, John have been a part of our lives, and I have watched as Brittany has grown into a special young woman.

The Goldberg Women-Katie, Sue, and Brittany

My friend, Brittany, works at our local Goodwill where she is a welcome face to many, always ready with a quick, “hello, how are you?” She is a very special girl in my life and will forever by my “Britty Boo.”

The Hope written on the dress waistline represents Harbor Hope that Brittany’s mother, Sue, has been trying to build in our community for special needs adults. Once a child becomes 21 there are very few programs available in the area that allows a young adult to become a member of the workforce where they have a sense of purpose in their already challenging lives.

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  1. Sunny says:

    What a sweet and charming post. Your Britty painting is lovely!


  2. the art is beautiful, as always, made more so by the back story. What a beautiful family.


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