Vignette Assignment with Claudine Hellmuth

Making a vignette was the third assignment for the Composition Big Picture class with Claudine Hellmuth.

Inspired by Michael Parkes’s beautiful paintings, I incorporated a couple of his images with other paper ephemera and an advertisement for the background which I distressed using cardboard and Never Dull (metal polish). Japanese tape and acrylics were also used.

Claudine said, “Wonderful composition! great eye movement!”

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  1. amy Persons says:

    I like the balance of proportion. At the risk of repeating myself, it’s very difficult to make these pieces pleasing and not just messy. You have that in hand.


  2. Sunny says:

    Your painting is “beautiful”! But YOU are even more beautiful!! As for the question about the pincushion-headed figure…I will probably do another one when I do the figures again. I have to be in the mood…they are pretty intensive so I only do them a couple of times a year. I am currently finishing 8 dolls though!!


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