Horizon Assignment with Claudine Hellmuth

Week two of the composition Big Picture class with Claudine Hellmuth was studying horizons. The Venetian Minstrel was done on a clayboard using walnut ink, a page from an Italian song sheet, a stamp from Venice, German scrap, distress ink, crackle paint and Japanese tape.

Claudine’s comments, “That background is amazing! Super job on composition, too.”

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  1. karen floyd says:

    I agree Kathy, great composition!

    I love how your works are progressing and having
    this wonderful way to see them!

    June 29th 11am-9pm Studio closing art sale!
    28th and Linden you won’t want to miss it!
    Selling tons of supplies!

    Miss you!



  2. amy Persons says:

    I appreciate the many elements you use, and that the results are intriguing and not just messy. More difficult to do than it looks!


  3. Virginia says:

    The background is outstanding as others noted. I agree with Amy that the results of what you used are “intriguing”…a good word and certainly more difficult to do than it looks.. even to having the page of music opened slightly. Who would think of that but Kathie. I love my birthday present…It is in the dining room and I don’t know where to display it. Need an artist’s idea for that. .


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