Class with Claudine Hellmuth

Hey, a gal can look pretty darn good when she hits 50! To commemorate my friend Amy’s birthday, I made this mixed media collage on canvas for a composition Big Picture online class with the effervescent, Claudine Hellmuth.

The assignment was to make an asymmetrical collage. I chose the image of the woman from a 1950 New York Playbill Camel Cigarette advertisement. The watch face encapsulates “50” to mark the big occasion.

Claudine’s comments on my picture, “This is so great. Nice dominant focal point and I love the little doodle touches with the scallop and the lines coming from the watch. Great job on Asymmetrical!” Thanks, Claudine.

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  1. amy Persons says:

    Everyone should be so lucky to have a custom piece like this. Mine hangs in my office, and it makes me smile every time I see it!


    1. I am so glad that you like it, Amy. I enjoyed thinking of you as I made it. Not that you are a princess in anyway……….LOL.


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