Sketchbook Journal

The trek to see my Sketchbook journal at the Form Space Atelier started early in Bremerton on the 6:30 a.m. ferry to Seattle. My husband, Bob, commutes on the ferry so I just tagged along, enjoying the ride, even though the sky was misty and gray. The one thing I never tire of is seeing the water erupting from the four submarine sails or fins in the park in front of the Naval Shipyard that is adjacent to the ferry terminal. We had time for me to run out on deck before the ferry departed to try to capture the eruptions using my Droid. I especially wanted to show them to my friend’s son, Duncan, who lives in up-state New York where there are no nuclear shipyards.

Park in front of Bremerton Naval Shipyard

At the exhibit, the young people managing the Sketchbook exhibit were organized, efficient and very friendly. It was interesting to hear the stories of their travels with the journals across the U.S. They all were from Brooklyn, NY where the journals will go to their permanent home in the Brooklyn Public Library. You can visit the Digital Library here.

You are only allowed to check two books out at a time so there was a lot of running back and forth, but fortunately there were not a lot of people so I was able to see the artists’ journals that I had noted on the Sketchbook Flickr site. If you have a chance to visit the project on its tour, I would recommend that you look at the journals of Tracy Moore, mwoodrose, jrbmgarner and Nike Schroeder from Berlin who free-stitched each of her pages in the book. A truly amazing book.

Here I am holding my journal and my friend, Cheryl McCloud’s journal in my lap. An artist from Portland, Susan Long, took the picture for me as we shared stories of what it was like to make our journals.

Next year the tour is going international and the staff seems pretty excited about that.

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  1. Sunny says:

    How exciting!! Thanks for the post. I would love to see it in person.


  2. Great post. Thanks for mentioning me. I can’t wait to see our books.


  3. Virginia says:

    You are much prettier than the photo shows. Your work continues to amaze me.


  4. Virginia, you are so sweet. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. See you at the party next weekend.


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