Sculptor Geoffrey Gorman

Mountain tire wrapped bodies, smoking pipes for tail feathers, house numbers from suburban neighborhoods, and yellow electrical wire for body feathers are just a few of the discarded items that Santa Fe sculptor Geoffrey Gorman uses in his otherworldly creatures. Not only are the creatures steeped in symbolism, they are very Tim Burton and eco-friendly. Amazing work!

Watch this Youtube video about his Having Wings show from February. His pot comment will have you laughing out LOUD. Love his sense of humor and his wonderful background story on each piece. Wish I lived in Santa Fe so that I could see his Second Nature show that opens on June 17 at the Jane Sauer Gallery.

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  1. Sunny says:

    I meant to tell you, I loved this video. It was really cool and totally inspired me! I thought his imagination was so good. The little touches like the old keys and pieces of chain and rusty screws were amazing….I’ve been on a quest lately for old things to use in my paintings. I found some great old glass drawer pulls (from a man in Seattle, of course!!) and a bunch of old keys and bottles. New post on the painting (I finished it last week) on my blog soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing this great artist! xoxo


  2. Kathie Vezzani says:

    Your welcome. I loved what the creatures accumulated along their travels– the house numbers from the suburban neighborhood especially.


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