ArtHouse Sketchbook 2011 in Seattle

The ArtHouse Sketchbook 2011 has been traveling to select cities throughout the United States since early February.  As the tag line says, “it’s a concert but with sketchbooks.”  Over 28,839 moleskin journals were sent to artists in 94 countries. Each artist chose a theme and had the freedom to do whatever they wanted with their journals. Ten thousand journals were returned, cataloged and sent out on the road for the tour. This weekend, my journal will be one of the thousands displayed at the the Form/Space Atelier at 2407 1st Avenue in Seattle from Friday through Sunday.

I have mixed emotions about seeing it again. My theme was “help” and it was my very first journal EVER. Below are a couple of pages and the front and back covers. I added an ArtChix crown to each of my subjects and enjoyed the challenge, but since then I have learned so much more about collage, painting, drawing and color. It will be amusing to see how many times it has been checked out. (Each artist has an actual library catalog number, how cool is that?)  Next stop on the tour will be San Francisco, then Chicago. When the tour is completed, the journals will become part of the Brooklyn Art Library’s permanent collection where they will be cataloged and available for the public to view.

I have to give props to the person who conceived of this project. It’s pure marketing and public relation genuis.

Your comments are appreciated.

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