Blue-Lip Olympic Crestor

For those of you going camping this Memorial Day weekend, be on the lookout for the Blue-Lip Olympic Crestor!

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  1. karen floyd says:

    Very nice Kathie!~

    miss you!


  2. That is really cool! Love the colours.


  3. amy Persons says:

    beautiful necklace. As always, shading is wonderful.
    I’ve asked this before, but I forgot your answer; does the face come from, say a magazine, or how do you fashion that? Really intriguing work.


    1. Kathie Vezzani says:

      Look at the map under the “necklace” which was one of Marilyn’s earrings. I cut up one of the boy’s maps from the Olympic Mountains.


  4. amy Persons says:

    Like the nod to Mt. Olympus!


  5. Wow Kathie, I just love that you keep creating these! Can’t wait to see what’s next….!


    1. Thanks, Andrea. I know, they just keep coming. I have one more finished that I will post later today.


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