Dang Bunny

Another worksheet from Silly 4 workshop with  Carla Sonheim. There is no doubt who the beautiful woman is. Now, if only I can get the deer to back off, like permanently, I might get a little color back in the yard. Sigh.

Oh, I also have to share an amusing aside….. as I was pressure washing the deck yesterday, I was looking at the knots in the boards and I thought now if I just make an arc here, I could add an eyelid and over here……..it reminded me of Carla’s exercise at looking at a crack in the sidewalk to find “something.” Much to Bob’s appreciation, I practiced restraint.

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  1. amy Persons says:

    Shows you art is everywhere, you just need to know where to look! I like the flowers in this one, so lush, and the rabbit looks suitably abashed and guilty!


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