Captured Beauty

In my class with Andrea Saujani at Artfest, we really didn’t have too much time to embellish our wood panels as far as nailing and using some other cool-looking tools she had on a side table not far from where I was working. I did remember, however, that she told us to add another panel to the back if we were going to drill or nail into our main panel. So on this piece my wonderful husband, Bob, always ready to solve a problem for me, glued another piece on the back and off I went nailing carpet tacks into leather strips to form the Captured Beauty’s cage on her head. The wings, body and round piece at the top of the panel are made out of wallpaper that Andrea and her mother, Katarina (who is adorable) so generously shared with us. If anyone ever sees wallpaper like this–call me. Andrea said that she buys wallpaper at Home Depot which she may be able to to do Vancouver, BC, but our Home Depot has nada.

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  1. I bet you could order the wallpaper online if you find out what company makes it. It looks really cool. I’d like some, too!


  2. Wow this is a very haunting work. I love her eyes. There’s so much mysterious in them. A very powerful and intriguing piece.


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