Dairy Princess

For real art I understand there must be context, deep meaning and symbolism. Well, not this time. I really liked this girl’s face and was looking around for pieces to collage with her head and saw the two dairy pieces from one of my food magazines. Both just happened to be milk products–whipped cream for the body and ice cream swirls for the hair. I really liked the smoothness, lightness and contrast to her fiercely staring face with it’s tough, chunky jewelry. Adding the pearls to the whipped cream “peaks” was my version of adding panache. And, so, the Dairy Princess was created.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mmmmmmm, I could just eat her up! LOL! I think the contrast between the intensity of her face and the wonderful softness of the ice cream is fabulous.


  2. I like blue background with the white. Your backgrounds are always great. I like the embellishment of the pearls on the cream, it goes well with the necklace and the embellishments in the headdress. I wish I had thought of Sunny’s comments first, she put it just right.


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