Find Your Own Strength

Every two weeks or so, my friend Mary Kinney and I get together for an “art day.” Today she worked in her journal and I made this. Last night I just pulled a background together and later, after it dried, I saw a girl holding this piece of spiral canvas and a pair of wings emerge from the background of papers that I collaged onto the board. Who knew when I started, what I would end up with–that’s the fun part of the journey.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful! I love the colors you used in her face and the contrast of the background against her.


  2. Ludgera Mueller says:

    Congratulations to your new blog!


  3. Kell Belle says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I am intrigued by this pice. It’s fun to immerse myself into all the details here. I love the colors and background. Now that I seem to have gotten the hang of faces, I’m focusing in on backgrounds which is why this piece jumped out at me.

    I love your blog because it’s full of art and artful musings. Thanks for inviting me over.

    Hugs! =D


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