Initial Musing

Bellissima is my offering to the blog world and a place to bring my art together in one place for family, friends and others who are taking their own artful journeys.

My own started last year in Seattle with Carla Sonheim with Practicing Whimsy and then her online The Art of Silliness, now in its fourth rendition. Carla is a wonderful teacher, calm, whimsical and I was fortunate to be in a small class so Carla practiced right along with us. This was followed with an online class with the crazy, wonderful Suzi Blu La Sirena class. She’s nuts, but in a good way and I learned so much from her and I will always have my Suzi tape running in my head whenever I practice my art. I highly recommend taking her online classes. The value goes way beyond what she charges (which isn’t much) and you get to keep her videos forever–no two months and then that’s it, no more access. She’s a very generous teacher.

I spent one day at Teesha Moore’s Art Annex in Seattle learning how to journal Teesha’s way and was able to meet her wonderfully talented daughter, Tiphoni who is a wonderful artist in her own right. I met the rest of the family at Artfest. It turns out that Teesha’s husband, Tracy, is in the same industry as my husband.

Your comments are appreciated.

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