Artfest 2011

Artfest in Port Townsend at Fort Warden was a blast (except for the awful bed I had to sleep in–too tall). As a newbie, I did my due diligence and followed the yahoo group and read everything I thought I should to prepare myself. I learned I needed to make trades so I used my first collage on cardboard, scanned it and made it into cards which I put into plastic bags filled with ephemera I brought back from my trip to Merida, Yucatan in February.

It’s hard to explain Artfest to people who aren’t artists. It’s like chefs, when you talk about different food, its preparation, where you can buy the ingredients and the profile flavors of a certain dish to non-foodies, they just look at you like you are speaking a new language. It’s the same with this. Mixed media artists are amazing but you have to know some fundamentals when speaking their language. I have to admit, though, that this group of over 500 artists were the most generous, supportive people I have ever met and when I didn’t know some technique or source to buy a material, they were more than willing to help me. I met the coolest people, all artists in their own little worlds, and some very big worlds. It was nice to meet people who I have been reading about in journals, magazines and books.

My first workshop, Boatload of Techniques, was with Lisa Bebi. I’ve never seen anyone use a huge paintbrush so adeptly before. Great class, learned a lot and came away with a wonderful book of techniques.

My second workshop was with the wonderful Andrea Saujani, The Veils of Psyche. These two pieces show more than what my words can describe. Awesome class and I am stoked to do more pieces and have since completed two more boards. Now I have my husband figuring out how to make cradles for them.

My final class was with the sweet Sunny Carvalho, Painting Pretty Girls. This is her drawing that I painted and collaged. So excited about doing more painting with Genesis oil.

No posting would be complete about Artfest without mentioning the generosity of friendship by Mindy Lacefield, Sunny Carvalho, Cheryl McCloud, Kate Daniel, Amy Smith and Stephanie extended over the four days of artful bliss, oh, and 225’s third floor journalers who allowed me to join their late night gatherings in my jammies. Thanks, ladies. And job well done to Tracy, Teesha and their staff.

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  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Great job! You got TALENT GIRL!! Excited to see what you come up with next


  2. A great start to blogland. I am the WORST at keeping mine up to date. We did have a fabulous time at Artfest, didn’t we? I can’t wait until next year. Keep posting your art. I love seeing it.

    xoxo Cheryl


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